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5 Reasons to See a Neurologist After a Car Accident

Seeing a neurologist after a car accident can make all the difference in your recovery. Call (718) 305-1436 to schedule an appointment.

Immediately following a car accident, many people will check to see if they sustained any obvious injuries. If they don’t discover anything, they often believe they made it without a scratch. However, car accidents can cause severe injuries that you may not notice until days or months later.

Contact a trusted neurologist in Brooklyn, NY, as soon as you can. Our team at Metro Healthcare Partners knows your recovery may depend on it. Discover why you should seek specialized medical care in the wake of a wreck.  

#1 Your Injuries May Affect the Way You Function

Muscles, ligaments, and tendons are soft tissues that can easily sustain injuries following a car accident. Although these tissues can cause discomfort and stiffness, other tissues can have a greater effect on your ability to function. An analysis published on ScienceDirect states that car accidents cause hundreds of thousands of spinal injuries every year. 

Your spine consists of nerves, soft discs, and other components subject to soft tissue injuries. When left untreated, these tissues can cause chronic pain, limit your range of motion, and sometimes lead to paralysis. 

#2 Your Injuries Could Influence Your Personality

Mental health maintenance is another reason to see a neurologist after a car accident. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can influence your personality. For example, you could become irritable, nervous, and prone to mood swings following an accident.

Additionally, a TBI could negatively impact your sleeping patterns. One study’s findings, available on the National Library of Medicine, show that 46% of people who sustained TBIs would later develop sleep disorders. An inability to achieve quality rest each night can affect anyone’s personality.

In addition, some people develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of a traumatic car wreck. PTSD often causes major personality shifts and affects how a person interacts with their surroundings. 

#3 Some Symptoms Won’t Develop Until Later

If you walk away from an auto accident without any pain, your relief may not last. Debilitating symptoms can develop at a later time. Some people experience new symptoms within days, while others won’t feel the effects for months.

Some delayed symptoms may include:

  • Prolonged headaches and migraines
  • Stiffness or pain in your back, neck, and shoulders
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty focusing on regular tasks

By the time you develop delayed symptoms, you may not relate them to your car crash. If months passed between the event and the symptoms’ appearance, you might attribute them to another issue. 

#4 Your Injuries Could Worsen With Time

Immediate medical attention significantly impacts your recovery time. Your doctors can more easily determine the type of injury you sustained and implement appropriate treatment options accordingly. Speedy treatment could improve your prognosis in the following ways:

  • Shorter, more productive recovery time
  • Access to resources that can assist you in coping
  • Pain management medications
  • Less long-term impact

The absence of medical treatment, however, can cause the injury to heal wrong, develop into chronic pain, or permanently affect your ability to move and function. 

#5 Some Injuries Have Lethal Consequences

Certain injuries could have deadly results without treatment. Some TBIs are life-threatening.

Although you may not feel their effects immediately, they could come back to haunt you later on.  According to data gathered by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), TBIs cause thousands of deaths annually.

Some TBIs can have lasting effects that result in death years later. Meanwhile, others may go unnoticed until the situation is critical and obvious.  

How a Car Accident Neurologist Can Help

Visiting a car accident neurologist soon after a car accident makes a significant difference in your recovery. Not only do you mitigate any immediate consequences with appropriate treatment, but you can avoid years of pain, limited motion, and other concerning symptoms. 

Speedy Diagnosis

A neurologist can quickly and accurately diagnose your injury. They are familiar with traumatic injuries that develop in the back, neck, and head. Thus, they can access the equipment needed for a speedy diagnosis. 

Pain Management and Relief

As soon as you receive a diagnosis, you can begin a pain management regimen. It may consist of supplements or prescription medications. They will reduce inflammation and ease your discomfort, which ultimately helps you move around. 

Long-Term Recovery

Some patients need surgery and physical therapy following a car accident. Your neurologist can help you access these treatments quickly following your diagnosis. They can also guide you through the recovery process with supplemental resources when needed. 

Better Recovery Prognosis

Prompt treatment could influence your overall prognosis. Thus, a qualified neurologist can help you enjoy a better quality of life than without treatment. You might avoid chronic pain, limited mobility, and other issues altogether.  

Speak With a Brooklyn Neurologist After a Car Accident at Metro Healthcare Partners

If you need to see a neurologist after a car accident, choose our trusted team at Metro Healthcare Partners. We specialize in cutting-edge neurology treatments and helping our patients recover their lives again. Call us at (718) 305-1436 to book an appointment.

Our doctors accept most insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault, and PIP (personal injury protection). Same-day appointments may be available.

FAQs About Neurology Treatment After a Car Accident

Can Car Accidents Cause Neurological Problems?

Yes, car accidents can cause neurological problems. Blunt-force trauma and soft tissue injuries often accompany car crashes, which can leave you with debilitating pain and other unpredictable symptoms. 

What Are Some Symptoms of Nerve Damage After a Car Accident?

Some symptoms of nerve damage after a car accident include muscle weakness, soreness, stiffness, pain that radiates from an injury to an uninjured body part, and tingling sensations in your extremities. If you experience these symptoms, you should seek medical assistance immediately. 

Are Headaches After a Car Accident Normal?

Although headaches are common after a car accident, they are not necessarily normal. Headaches indicate an injury that may affect your brain or spine. You may not experience them for months following an accident, so you should consider seeing a neurologist after a car accident.