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Chiropractic Care in Brooklyn, NY

Metro Healthcare Partners chiropractic department is lead by owners Dr. Russell Greenseid and Dr. Nick Chiappetta. Our team of licensed and experienced chiropractors, perform adjustments to the spine using their hands to allow the joints and muscles to move correctly. By applying manual techniques, our chiropractic experts try to relieve the stress on the vertebral column and curves of spine.

They also use these techniques to address joint conditions, reduce pain, and restore normal function and wellness. Chiropractic Care has a holistic approach to healing and is based on the inherent capacity of the body to repair itself without medication or surgery.

Chiropractic Care in Brooklyn, NY

Chiropractic treatment is most effective for sports injuries, accidents, falls and work-related injuries, and musculoskeletal disorders. It is equally effective for:

  • Lower back pain, hip and leg pain or numbness
  • Neck, shoulder and arm pain, tingling or numbness
  • Chronic headaches
  • Knee and ankle pain or injury
  • Carpal Tunnel symptoms
  • Recurring joint pain, stiffness or swelling


Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is at the forefront of alternative medicine, which is growing in popularity. It’s effective, without a doubt, and employs a single physical procedure to address a couple of health issues at a fraction of the cost of traditional medicine. It operates on the premise that, in addition to conventional medical treatment, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself can be used.

In New York, Metro Healthcare Partners is fully licensed to provide chiropractic care to patients seeking alternatives to traditional medicine. Our experts have extensive experience in providing effective treatments, including custom solutions for clients with special health needs.


Chiropractic Care in Brooklyn, NY 

Brooklyn, New York, is a bustling neighborhood full of people from all walks of life who keep their hands, feet, and overall body busy on a daily basis. As a result, stress, body pain, and dysfunctional joints or muscles are almost unavoidable for the majority of people who live and work here.

Metro Healthcare Partners offers chiropractic care to patients suffering from a variety of body and injury pains. We have a team of licensed and experienced chiropractic professionals who perform manual spinal manipulation to restore normal function to the joints, muscles, and nervous system as a whole. The spinal manipulation and adjustments also relieve joint and muscle pain.


Chiropractic Care Services We Provide 

Our chiropractic therapy provides effective pain relief from the following:

  • Lower back pain, hip and leg pain, or numbness
  • Severe and prolonged headaches or migraines
  • Knee, foot, and ankle pain or injury
  • Persistent and recurring joint pain, inflammation, or stiffness
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Neck, shoulder, and elbow pain, including tingling sensations or numbness in these body parts

Through spinal manipulation and adjustments, chiropractic treatment also restores the normal function of joints and muscles, allowing you to be well and active in your daily activities.

There is hope for relief and restoration if you have suffered severe injuries from sports, slips and falls, accidents, or work-related activities. Our chiropractic care addresses all of them and even restores normal function to musculoskeletal disorders.


Benefits of Chiropractic Care 

Chiropractic care has many benefits for patients suffering from chronic pain and other health conditions. These benefits include:

Muscle Flexibility: Regular chiropractic adjustments can help increase joint and muscle flexibility, improving mobility and the ease of daily activities. Athletes benefit more from the procedure because it improves their performance.

Affordability – Compared to traditional medical care, chiropractic manipulation is a more affordable treatment option for chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain. For one thing, no medications are required before, during, or after the chiropractic spinal adjustments, which saves a significant amount of money on one’s treatment budget.

Faster Relief – Chiropractic care is needed to relieve acute and chronic back and neck pain. Typical adjustments can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Because your body’s needs are being assessed, your first appointment may last longer. People who receive chiropractic care report that they recover faster than those who use traditional medical solutions.

Reduced Blood Pressure – Chiropractors can significantly help patients with high blood pressure who do not want to take medications. Patients’ blood pressure levels can be dramatically reduced by targeting the cervical spine or neck during spinal adjustments.

Reduced Allergies – Misalignment of the spine can disrupt brain signals, resulting in an irregular immune response. Multiple allergies are caused by signal interference. Chiropractic therapy can realign the spine to improve communication with the brain and regulate allergic reactions.

Relief from Multiple Pains – Chiropractic care can help relieve pain in the neck, back, shoulders, feet, ankles, arms, shoulders, wrists, and other areas of the body. It can also help with stress, arthritis, joint pain, and discomfort, among other things. Athletes suffering from injuries can also benefit from chiropractic adjustments.


Our Process and the Journey to Recovery 

Our process and journey to recovery for patients come in three stages. They include:

Consultation and Examination 

We provide chiropractic solutions by performing a physical examination of your body to understand the uniqueness of your condition when you visit Metro Healthcare Partners. This examination will help us decide on a chiropractic solution/procedure that will be effective for your body. Our expert chiropractors will also talk with you about how you feel, where it hurts the most, and how it’s affecting your daily life. During this time, our doctors can also review your medical history.

Pain Relief 

Our expert chiropractors will provide a unique or general solution to your problem after understanding the specifics of your health condition, and you may feel better immediately or hours later. A spinal adjustment can often clear an obstruction in the communication pathway between the brain and the body, allowing the body to heal itself.


After the procedure is completed and your pain is relieved, you must return to our chiropractic office for regular weekly checkups. Our chiropractors will provide you with a treatment plan that includes exercises, home therapies, and a diet plan you should follow. This plan will promote total body wellness while also relieving pain. The visits could be twice weekly or once a month, but in chiropractic medicine, saying goodbye to your chiropractor once the pain is gone is not ideal.


Why Choose Us? 

There are a handful of reasons to choose Metro Healthcare Partners for all your chiropractic needs in Brooklyn, NY; they include:

  • Expert team of chiropractic doctors
  • Personalized chiropractic treatment options
  • We accept most insurance and injury compensation treatments
  • We provide walk-in chiropractic care services


Are You Feeling Pain in Your Back, Neck, Shoulders, or Any Other Body Part? Metro Healthcare Partners Chiropractic Care is the Solution 

Chiropractic adjustment and care is an affordable, long-term, and effective physical therapy for the various body pains that people experience. Metro Healthcare Partners in Brooklyn, NY, provides the most effective chiropractic treatment to all clients who entrust us with their needs.

Out chiropractic doctors accept workers’ compensation, no-fault, PIP, and most other insurance plans. We offer walk-in chiropractic treatments that are effective and efficient, and our doctors are world-class professionals with many years of experience in treating patients. Contact us today at (718) 395-9781 for total body wellness, pain relief, and happier life.



Dr. Nick Chiappetta

Owner & Chiropractor

Dr. Russell Greenseid - Owner at Metro Healthcare Partners

Dr. Russell Greenseid

Owner & Chiropractor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is chiropractic adjustment safe?

Chiropractic has an excellent safety record, and is widely recognized as an effective, drug-free, non-invasive therapy for the treatment of headache, neck pain, back pain and many spine related problems. Most patients experience relief following an adjustment.

How is a chiropractic adjustment performed?

A chiropractor can tell if your pain is due to misaligned vertebrae and realign your spine to its proper position. The specialist uses his hands to apply gentle pressure on the affected region in order to correct the underlying issue to restore or enhance joint function, which provides relief from pain. With gentle and controlled thrust of the hands, the specialist is able to correct subluxation (misaligned vertebrae) and provide pain relief.

Does an adjustment hurt?

Chiropractic manipulation or adjustment is a highly controlled procedure that involves only minimal force and gentle pressure. It rarely causes discomfort. Most patients feel relief immediately following treatment.