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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Should I See a Brooklyn Workers’ Comp Doctor for It?

It started with numbness and tingling in your first three fingers and thumb, and now you have pain and burning that goes up your arm. Your wrist feels weak, and sometimes it hurts so bad that you have trouble sleeping.

After suffering from the symptoms for a while, you went to a doctor and have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. You want treatment, but you aren’t sure if you should see a worker’s comp doctor.

Before seeing a workers’ comp doctor, you need to determine if the injury was work-related. Do your normal work duties put an abnormal amount of stress on your wrist? Are you required to make awkward or repetitive motions to complete daily tasks or use vibrating equipment? If so, you should consider filing a claim with the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board and see a workers’ comp doctor for treatment. A doctor that specializes in work-related injuries provides multiple benefits.

Documentation of Your Injuries

Doctors that specialize in work-related injuries understand the importance of documentation to support your claim. The doctor will provide the insurance company with the documentation so that you can continue to receive treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.

On the other hand, doctors who don’t specialize in work-related injuries don’t always follow the proper documentation procedures, so your claim could get denied.

Determining Work Restrictions

A workers’ comp doctor can also determine the restrictions you need if you go back to work. This might include avoiding typing tasks or operating vibrating machinery. Your doctor won’t release you to resume normal duties until you are fully healed.

Provide Proper Treatment

Workers’ comp doctors see countless patients with carpal tunnel syndrome throughout the year. Because of that, they can provide the treatment you need to recover from your work-related injury.

Your treatment might include wrist splinting to keep your wrist immobile when you sleep and corticosteroid injections to reduce inflammation. Both conservative treatment options reduce the pressure on the median nerve.

Your doctor might include workers’ comp physical therapy and chiropractic care as part of your treatment plan as well. You can find a workers’ comp medical facility that has all the providers in the same spot so you can complete your treatment in one place.

Don’t Pay Out-Of-Pocket  

When you visit a workers’ comp doctor, who is an authorized WCB provider, you don’t have to pay for your treatment. The doctor bills your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company. This is a relief if you’ve been concerned about paying for medical treatment.

On the other hand, if you go to a provider that doesn’t take workers’ compensation claims, you’ll be on your own. You’ll have to pay for the treatment and attempt to receive reimbursement from your employer.

Get Medical Treatment for Work-Related Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel is progressive, so if you don’t treat it, it will continue to get worse.

Eventually, you might be unable to work at all because of the symptoms. Instead of holding off on treatment, visit a carpal tunnel doctor to receive the treatment and relief you need.

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