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Alla Mavasheva - MRI Technologist at Metro Healthcare Partners, Brooklyn, NY

Alla Mavasheva

MRI Technologist

MRI Technologist at Metro Healthcare Partners, Alla Mavasheva is a certified and registered professional with many years of experience in this field. Educated from the Institute of Allied Medical Professions, New York, NY in 1996-1997, she has also done her Medical Doctor Degree in Neonatology and Neuroradiology from Dushanbe University Medical School, Tajikistan, Dushanbe, (former U.S.S.R.), from1980-1986.

She has over 6 years of experience with the largest and fastest growing providers of Health Care Imaging Products (HIP) and has hands-on experience in working with Hitachi Medical Systems such as Hitachi 5000, Hitachi 7000, Aires and Aires II and training users on all MRI diagnostic radiology machines. Alla Mavasheva has performed diverse scans: C-spines, L-spines, Upper and Lower Joints, TMJ, MRA, IAC, Brain, Chest, Abdomen, Neck Soft Tissue and other major scans.

She can also set up MRI tables and coils for various types of scans. Alla has had general machine maintenance and diagnostics experience as part of her daily routine.

Alla has vast experience including as an MRI Technologist for over 20 years.