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Can I Choose My Own Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Brooklyn To Treat a Workplace Injury?

New York State’s laws allow you to choose your own workers’ compensation doctors in Brooklyn to treat your injuries after a workplace accident. If the NY Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) has authorized your physician to care for injured workers, you will be able to get diagnosis and treatment by that healthcare provider.  

However, each physician or facility must adhere to the strict medical guidelines set by New York State’s regulators for treating certain types of injuries and conditions. This enables your medical care to be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Why Does My Employer’s Insurance Plan List Doctors I Don’t Wish To Visit?

Some employers may have an insurance plan that is part of a larger managed care or preferred provider organization. Usually referred to as PPOs, these plans may require the policyholder to direct injured employees to predetermined doctors and hospitals within the company’s network. Under New York’s laws, an employer must provide at least two choices of doctors who practice in each specialty and at least two hospitals to visit.

An employer’s preferred physician may be the one who provides your initial treatment immediately after a workplace injury. If you are brought to an emergency room by ambulance after an accident, your employer may also have a specific hospital for employees to be taken to. After 30 days, however, you may seek treatment from a healthcare provider of your own choice. You may find this to be a much better source of treatment if you require physical therapy or long-term rehabilitation after being injured at work.

How Can My Choice of a Medical Clinic Make a Difference in My Recovery?

A post-injury condition may develop and require a specialist or a multi-specialty healthcare center to help you fully recover and regain mobility. If you experience severe or long-term pain after an injury, it could take time to heal and require several outpatient visits and an extensive rehabilitation process. It can be beneficial to receive treatment from a multi-specialty facility in Brooklyn where a medical team will get specialized care in one convenient location. You will also appreciate healthcare based on a personalized understanding of your physical needs.

A serious workplace accident that results in a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury generally requires a highly skilled neurologist for treatment. A comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis can spot undetected injuries that may initially appear only as a minor problem. A healthcare center with a range of specialized treatment services, such as Brooklyn’s Metro Healthcare Partners, can be the approach to post-injury care that’s most conducive to a full recovery. In many cases, a proactive series of treatments that begin at the first signs of a problem can prevent a condition or injury from becoming a long-term and painful disability.

May I Be Covered To Receive Holistic or Alternative Treatments Through Workers’ Compensation?

It’s not difficult finding doctors and specialists authorized by New York State for coverage by workers’ compensation in Brooklyn who also provide comprehensive diagnostic testing and treatments. Metro Healthcare Partners can offer a significant advantage as a multi-specialty healthcare facility. Patients recovering from workplace injuries can find a wide range of treatment options all at one location.

A physician shouldn’t rush you through a scheduled appointment. You may require a specialist to perform diagnostic tests and observe to not hurt yourself presently and in the future. Metro Healthcare Partners’ care is based on a large institution model and specialized attention typically found in small neighborhood offices.

The combination of a well-trained and experienced multi-specialty team with the personalized attention generally expected from a local family practitioner provides workers’ compensation patients with treatment plans to meet their individualized recovery needs. Weekend and late-night appointments are available, and walk-ins are also welcomed. Most insurance plans are accepted, including medical liens, major medical insurance, no-fault (auto accidents), and workers’ compensation insurance.

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