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Car Accidents Cause Common Neck and Back Injuries

Several things happen at once during a car accident, and treating accident injuries can be a pain. Competing forces are colliding at dangerous speeds. Chemicals are released from the brain that pulse through the body, activating your fight or flight response to a crisis. At Metro Healthcare, we know what it takes for medical treatment. As energy impacts, your body may suffer injuries that range from soft-tissue injuries to life-threatening trauma. If you are conscious, you likely tense your muscles in anticipation of discomfort, making your injuries worse. 

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Some people do not experience the symptoms from their injuries right away. Delayed pain may show up hours or weeks later because of the endorphins and the adrenaline released during the traumatic event. Seeking immediate treatment following an accident can prevent compounded damages from your injuries. The skilled healthcare professionals at Metro Healthcare Partners can expertly diagnose and treat injuries from car accidents. Find out which neck and back injuries are most commonly reported and how Metro Healthcare can help with recovery. 

Car Accident Injuries 

Neck and back injuries come in a wide variety. The most common car accident injuries are whiplash and nerve damage, while less common and more severe injuries include fractures and partial severs. No matter the injury, neck and back pain requires a swift diagnosis to accelerate recovery. In most cases, rest and pain medication are prescribed solutions. Physical therapy and specialized treatment plans help individuals heal in their unique way. Some patients may undergo emergency surgery and extended physical therapy as part of their care plan in other instances. 

Bruising and Cuts

Many car accident injuries involve some kind of bruising, as even light impact creates an abrupt stop between a person and usually the top of the seatbelt when working correctly. Many people experience bruising on the upper right side of their neck due to seat belt impact. The effect may be more complex for others, causing deeper lacerations as the force shifts in the vehicle. 

Most bruising and cuts are treated with general anesthetic and bandaging with ice packs and rest, usually satisfying the requirements for healing. Sometimes, however, bruising can be severe and must be medically monitored. Bruising of the back may make it difficult to walk normally or retain balance. Car accident back pain treatment may include hot/cold therapy. Lacerations from metal parts or glass may also be deep and require stitches.


Strains are a result of whiplash and whiplash-associated disorders. A strain is a pulled muscle, tendon, or ligament. They may be stretched out and damaged but will eventually make their way back in place. Many people experience stiffness and discomfort with strains when moving their heads from side to side. 


Different from strains, sprains are torn muscles, tendons, or ligaments. Whiplash and WAD are again the primary cause of neck and upper back sprains too. Once you have sprained your neck or upper back, the chances of having a repeat injury in the same area are high without proper recovery treatment. 

Pinched Nerves

As you recover from neck and back injuries, swelling and inflammation may cause nerve compression. Both treated and untreated sprains and strains can become so inflamed that nerves cannot transmit signals as they should. As a result, you experience a pinched nerve

Pinched nerves in your back come from compressed vertebrae. When discs swell or compact, nerves can become trapped and damaged in the process. The most common nerve damage in the back is from the sciatic nerves that move without excruciating pain. Metro’s car accident pain management doctor in Brooklyn can help relieve symptoms while decompressing nerves. 

Pinched nerves have the following symptoms:

  • Stiffness 
  • Tingling 
  • Numbness 
  • Sharp pain 
  • Radiating pain 
  • Limited mobility 


Another way that swelling and inflammation cause additional injury is through muscle spasms. When you experience an injury, your body swells around the inflamed area. To begin healing, the swelling acts as a layer of protection. As your muscles contract in and loosen to immobilize the area and stimulate regrowth, you experience muscle spasms. Often, spasms are a delayed symptom of untreated neck injuries. 

Fractures and Breaks

Fractures are of the more serious car accident injury variety. However, sometimes, the force of impact is so great that it cannot be avoided. Thankfully, for the most part, your soft tissue will stretch, strain and sprain enough to protect your bones from fracturing or breaking. 

Fractures and breaks can occur when whiplash happens in conjunction with another impact. For example, you may experience whiplash, but then another car impacts with a rear-end collision, causing a fracture or break in your neck vertebrae due to violent opposing forces.

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Another severe injury that isn’t technically a break but involves the severing of your spinal cord is a damaged or broken spinal cord. Your spinal cord begins at the skull base and extends down to the tail bone. In many cases, temporary or extended paralysis is the result of spinal cord injuries. Surgery may repair some damage in combination with intensive physical therapy, but not always. 


Injuries involving the discs in your neck and back are significant damages that generally involve minimally invasive procedures for a full recovery. 

Disc spurs can cause inflammation in the discs of your neck. Disc spurs are often the result of untreated neck injuries from car accidents—bone spurs form as a way to overcompensate for damages already in place. Orthopedic treatment or surgery from car accident doctors in Brooklyn, NY, is suggested for best results.

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Slipped, herniated, or compressed discs are common back injuries after a car accident. These disc injuries cause more significant problems as you attempt to heal from your injuries. Discs may slip out of place due to impact. Discs are herniated when misaligned, and your body cannot withstand the weight you carry or maintain. Compressed discs happen when discs are inflamed, and spinal fluid swells to protect the disc and crushed nerves. 

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Managing Neck and back pain has never been more accessible or approachable than with Metro’s extensive facilities and convenient hours to meet your needs. We accept most health insurance plans, workers’ compensation, no-fault, PIP (Personal Injury Protection), and medical liens. Schedule a consultation with the specialists at Metro Healthcare Partners to assess your auto accident injuries and get medical help.

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