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Blog page GifCommon Soft Tissue Injuries from Car Accidents in Brooklyn NY

Common Soft Tissue Injuries That Occur During Car Accidents

Are you from Brooklyn, NY? Are you looking for the best treatment center? Metro Health Care Partners is here to provide you the best soft tissue injury treatment! They have a team of trained professionals who have expertise in neurology, and orthopedics among several other medical areas. They focus on helping their patients recover from problems that can arise after being in a car accident, such as soft tissue knee injuries. 

What Are Soft Tissue Injuries? 

It is common knowledge that our body is made of tissues, and when we are in an accident or have faced an injury, it is widespread for them to be damaged. Soft tissue injuries reside primarily in the muscles, ligaments, and often the tendons. There can be several reasons why you got a mild tissue injury. For instance, you might have been overusing a single muscle for a prolonged period, or you might have recently been in an accident. The trauma from accidents can result in the swelling of the tissue. In addition to the swelling, you might also get to see different bruises along with the tissue. One other symptom to look out for is immobility of that muscle. It is because of the swelling that you might not be able to move your muscles.

It is not easy to spot soft tissue injuries immediately. You might not even experience the pain until the condition worsens. This is why many soft tissue injuries go unnoticed. It is only an expert who can identify your mild tissue injury in its early onset. When you have been in an accident, you can only acknowledge the physically visible wounds, and the rest get ignored. In such cases, it takes a couple of days to injure the soft tissue to make an appearance.

Soft Tissue Injury Treatment 

You have multiple treatment options, but some of them can be invasive. Doctors might suggest you get surgery and get the tissue removed entirely, but that can scare most people off. However, there are alternative treatments such as physical therapy that can help you get relief from the pain. With physical therapy, you might be able to get rid of the pain entirely, which is why you must always consider it over surgery. Not only is that option more expensive, but it can pose more threats to your health. 

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Soft Tissue Injury? 

The recovery time ideally depends on the extent of the injury. If the damages are not too extreme, you can get it fixed within a couple of months. But if the injury is severe, it might take up to a month or perhaps more than that. 

However, that is not for you to worry about; let the experts at Metro Health Care Partners help you. Do not think about it too much, and schedule the appointment today!