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Hidden Injuries an Auto Accident Doctor Can Diagnose

Car manufacturers continue to introduce new safety features and performance enhancements, resulting in better-built cars. However, these advancements don’t eliminate the risk of being involved in an auto accident. If you have ever been in an auto accident, you know it can end up being much more than a few scratches and soft tissue injuries for accident victims. In fact, many car accident injuries can be so severe that they result in permanent disability or even death.

Every driver should have a basic understanding of what medical red flags to look out for, even before even calling their insurance company after an auto accident. Some injuries may show up later than expected. Visiting a car accident doctor can help you diagnose hidden injuries that may end up getting severe when not detected earlier. That said, here are some hidden auto accident injuries an auto accident doctor can diagnose:

Disorientation and Amnesia

The collision in your car can cause the same type of shockwave that affects the rest of your body, resulting in disorientation and amnesia. These two conditions are symptoms of traumatic brain injuries and, if left untreated, can result in permanent brain damage or even death.

Disorientation and amnesia symptoms are subtle and can be difficult to detect if you don’t know what to look for. However, if you believe you have been in a car accident, a doctor can assist you.

Broken Bones

Most people think of broken bones as a common injury associated with car accidents. However, they can be incredibly challenging to diagnose when they’re not immediately apparent. What most people don’t know is that even a minimally broken bone can be more than enough to cause severe damage to your body and result in bacterial infection.

A broken bone can be misdirected and pressed up against another part of your body. It can also be covered by a large bruise, making it even more challenging to identify. However, auto-injury doctors can help you identify subtle signs of a broken bone, including swelling, misalignment, and an inability to move a body part.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are common in car accidents, especially those that occur at high speeds. They happen when one’s organs are violently slammed against the inside of the abdomen during a collision. Since the bleeding is usually internal, you won’t necessarily see blood coming from your body. This makes it even harder to diagnose than broken bones, but they can be just as serious.

The symptoms of internal injuries can vary depending on the specific injury. You might feel short of breath, have chronic pain, or experience a change in bowel movements. However, a car accident doctor can conduct a medical examination to help identify subtle signs of an internal injury that you might overlook.

Head and Neck Trauma

The head and neck are tricky areas to assess for damage, even for a medical professional. Therefore, it’s essential to know the signs of head and neck trauma if you’ve been involved in a severe collision. The symptoms of these injuries include neck pain, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, nausea, and sensitivity to light.

However, head and neck trauma can also occur in low-impact accidents or even if your vehicle comes to a complete stop after the collision. A rapid deceleration, such as that caused by a severe collision, can cause the head and neck to jerk forward and back. This is known as whiplash.

Tendon Damage

Tendon damage falls among the accident injury an auto accident doctor can diagnose. Tendons are fibrous tissues that connect muscle to bone and are responsible for providing the strength and power behind your movements. If a tendon is ripped or torn from the bone, you might not have full use of the affected muscle. It can result in joint misalignment, extreme pain, and functional deficits. The inability to move a joint typically can lead to long-term complications. Tendon damage is less obvious than a broken bone, but signs such as swelling and misalignment are strong indicators.

Organ Damage

The organs in the human body are delicate, and severe injury and death can result from a collision. The most commonly affected organs are the bladder, kidneys, and intestines, which are located close to blood vessels. The impact of a car accident may rupture those blood vessels, causing internal bleeding. The symptoms of internal bleeding can vary, depending on the organ affected. You might experience severe pain or have difficulty urinating.

Back and Spine Injuries

Back and spine injuries are also prevalent accident injuries and can range from mild and temporary to permanent and debilitating. A hit to the back can press the spine against the seat, potentially causing spinal misalignment. But the most common back injury from a car accident is a herniated disc.

You see, the spine is protected by discs, which act like cushions. A herniated disc occurs when one of the discs becomes over-stretched and bulges out. The symptoms of back injuries can vary, depending on the severity of the injury, but the most common include back pain and stiffness, leg pain, and numbness in the leg. That said, back injuries are often progressive. This means they can worsen over time if they aren’t treated properly. This makes it very important to seek medical attention if you’ve suffered a back injury.

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A car accident is never minor, regardless of whether there is visible damage. Even if the signs of hidden injuries aren’t immediately obvious, it’s best to be aware of them. Even if the accident appears to be minor, it is critical to be aware of your body and how it is reacting to the situation. If you are feeling ill, have a headache, or notice any other unusual symptoms, this could indicate a more serious injury that requires medical attention. Our doctors accept no-fault, PIP, workers’ compensation, and other insurance plans.

Metro Healthcare Partners‘ auto accident doctors can assist you in identifying and treating hidden car wreck injuries that may not be obvious at first glance. Our medical team will also provide advice on how to recover from and treat any existing issues before they become severe or life-threatening. Contact us now!

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