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How to Choose the Right Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Brooklyn, NY

Workers’ compensation covers all reasonable and essential medical treatment for a work-related injury. This includes doctors’ appointments, physical therapy, surgeries, medications, and other types of treatment. 

In the state of New York, unlike many other states, an injured worker is free to choose who will be their treating physician as long as he or she is an authorized New York State Workers’ Compensation Board provider. However, no matter what type of accident you have suffered from, it’s essential to seek care from a qualified and competent medical professional. Read to discover a few factors to consider before choosing a workers’ compensation doctor in Brooklyn.

Understand the importance of your treating doctor

It’s essential to understand the duties of a treating doctor before making your selection. The treating doctor you choose will play a critical role in your workers’ compensation case. The decision and treatments that they decide will end up determining the overall outcome of your case. 

When you choose a treating doctor, he or she will be making important decisions. These include providing documentation on whether your condition is a workplace-related incident, prescribing a treatment plan, providing a medical opinion on whether or not you can go back to work, and whether you have permanent disabilities or any limitations due to your injuries.

As you can see, these are some critical decisions, and you will want the best of the best to be by your side through the process. 

Select a multi-specialty medical practice

Whichever doctor you choose will also be responsible for referring you to specialists if needed. Choosing a workers’ compensation doctor in a multi-specialty clinic in Brooklyn will be convenient because you will have access to many different specialists in the same facility. This way, you will not have to worry about driving around the city from one appointment to the next but rather reduce stress by getting everything handled in one office. 

Choose a location with on-site diagnostic testing

Not only should the doctor you choose come from a multi-specialty medical practice, it is equally important to find a doctor that also offers on-site diagnostic testing. Diagnostic testing is an examination that helps to determine a person’s areas of weakness and strength to identify a specific condition that is causing pain. This is also a procedure that is common when it comes to workplace injuries. 

Many providers will send you elsewhere to get MRIs, x-rays, and other types of diagnostic tests. This will not only force you to travel from office to office but may delay your treatment process. When a provider can diagnose your injury on-site, it will allow you to begin treatment much faster and put you on the road to recovery. 

Availability for medical appointments

Many work-related injuries can be more severe than others and will require immediate medical attention. Unfortunately, there are many doctors’ offices out there that will expect you to wait a week or two before getting the treatment you need. This is less than ideal for those who cannot afford to miss a large amount of work.

Before choosing a workers’ compensation doctor in Brooklyn, be sure to do proper research to find an office that can get you in quickly and begin treatment as soon as possible. Once you have a doctor to assess your injuries, you are a step closer to treatment and recovery. 

Consider the number of injured workers that provider has treated

Workers’ compensation cases can often be challenging to handle, and it is critical to ensure the doctor you choose has the right experience. The duties of a workers’ compensation doctor go beyond merely diagnosing and treating your condition, they are fully responsible for setting work restrictions, determining your level of permanent or temporary disability, and providing evidence for your case. 

Any small details left out could cause a claim to get denied, meaning you will have to return to work immediately without proper treatment. This is why experience is everything when it comes to making the right choice for your Brooklyn workers’ compensation doctor. Do your research and find a provider who has ample experience to be confident about the process.

Find the Best Workers’ Compensation Doctor Near You

Above all, you should choose a doctor who you trust and feel comfortable with. Following the tips mentioned above will guide you in the right direction to find a top workers’ compensation doctor to treat your injuries. Your treating doctor will evaluate you, diagnose your injury and create a customized treatment plan that will lead you to a healthy recovery. 

Your workers’ comp doctor will also be responsible for handling all paperwork and providing your insurance company with evidence related to your claim. This will allow you to focus on your recovery without the added stress of paperwork. 

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