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Questions to Ask Workers Compensation Doctor

Workers’ compensation is a type of support that is available to those that have received an illness or injury as a direct result of the workplace. As such it can be a tricky subject to approach. In order for workers’ compensation to be applicable to your situation, there needs to be proof that being exposed to your work environment is what caused you to become ill or injured. 

These conditions are often fairly easy to say are work-related illnesses as they are a direct result of continuous exposure to a certain element, which you work with regularly. Other illnesses such as the flu, are harder to pinpoint as being work-related illnesses because there are many different ways that you can become exposed to the virus. When claiming any illness you are going to need irrefutable proof that you became ill as a result of being at work. 

Now you may be wondering what injuries are covered by workers’ compensation. Just like illness, there needs to be irrefutable proof that the injury was sustained as a result of being at work. Some common injuries that are covered include:

  • Injuries that are a result of repetitive motion or overuse: The most common forms of this injury are carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and back pain. 
  • Injuries that result in hearing loss: This type of injury is most common in people that work in loud environments like a construction site. 
  • Injuries that are a result of stress on the job: Working in a stressful environment causes both physical and psychological illness. 

If you have received a work-related injury or illness one of the first things that you may find yourself wondering about is “where can I find a doctor that accepts workers compensation”. This question may be followed closely by “what questions should I ask the doctor”. In answer to the first question, if you are looking for workers comp doctors in Brooklyn, NY, then Metro Healthcare may be what you are looking for. Metro Healthcare is a facility that offers trained and experienced healthcare providers that work to help patients recover from illness and injury. 

Once you have an appointment scheduled with your worker’s compensation doctor, there are some questions that you should be prepared to ask. Here are a few questions that you may want to ask your doctor.

What is my diagnosis?

Figuring out what exactly is wrong, whether it be the full extent of your injury or what you are sick with, will help you to understand what your life is going to look like for the future. If you do not understand the diagnosis that your doctor gives you ask questions. 

Having a clear understanding of what the diagnosis is will also help you to relay information to your place of work so that they will know when to expect you back. 

Do you foresee any complications?

Knowing if there are any foreseeable complications can help you to gauge what to expect for your healing process. Some injuries and illnesses take longer to heal from and as a result, they can leave you susceptible to contracting a secondary sickness. 

What is my treatment going to look like?

Knowing your treatment plan lets you know what kind of tests that you are going to need to get, as well as what therapies you may need. This will help you to get a rough timeline as to how long it will be before you can return to work as well as if there are any limitations that you may experience for a time. 

When can I return to work?

Once a treatment plan is created your doctor should be able to tell you when it will be safe for you to return to work. The recommendation that they give you will depend on the extent that you are sick or the full extent of your injury. 

When do I return to work what are my limitations?

Knowing whether or not you can still perform the same duties at work is going to be important. Learning this information can be hard because many people want to jump back into work as before. This may not be the safest option for you though. Your doctor may ask that you be assigned to light duty while you heal. It’s important to discuss this recommendation with your work so that they are able to help you heal properly while ensuring that their business is still able to be successful. 

Workers Compensation Health Care Provider in New York

Metro Healthcare is here to answer all of your worker’s comp questions. We want you to feel comfortable with the care that you are receiving, and we understand that comfort begins with understanding. If you have a workers’ compensation injury in Brooklyn, NY please schedule an appointment with us by calling (718) 550-2056. 

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