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The Role of Workers’ Compensation Doctor in Your Treatment After a Work-Related Injury

Seeing a doctor is often the first step people take to get an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment for workplace injuries. However, aside from treating a patient’s condition, treating physicians play a much more significant role in workers’ compensation cases. They are also responsible for providing patients with the necessary information and documents that employers need to ensure that injured employees receive the compensation they deserve. To do so, workers’ compensation doctors must make a series of important decisions when treating a patient who has experienced a workplace injury or disease.

Why is my workers’ compensation doctor important?

Workers’ compensation doctors make many important decisions regarding the severity of your work-related injury, and their opinions will have a significant impact on your workers’ compensation case. During a workers’ compensation process, your treating doctor will be responsible for:

1. Diagnosing and treating your workplace injury

When you make an appointment with a workers’ compensation doctor, they will begin by asking questions about how your injuries occurred, as well as any relevant medical history that could have contributed to the injury. After gathering specific details of the incident, your treating doctor will evaluate your injury and provide you with a medical treatment plan or any further medical care that you may need to recover.

2. Decide your work restrictions

There are cases when workplace injuries may disable patients from performing their regular job duties until they are fully recovered. Workers’ compensation doctors are responsible for deciding whether a patient will require time off work to recover and determine when you can safely return to work. Without proper instruction from a medical professional, workers may return to work too early and risk further injury.

3. Provide a medical report for your employer

After your injuries have been evaluated, your workers’ compensation doctor will also be responsible for creating a detailed medical report that states their findings. This report will be relayed to your employers’ workers’ compensation insurance company, your attorney (if hired), and any medical providers you see for treatment. In the report, your treating doctor will typically go over your injuries, how they occurred, any symptoms that have resulted from the injury, relevant medical history, any restrictions, and treatment plans for recovery.

Am I able to choose my treating doctor?

In the state of New York, employees can choose their own workers’ compensation doctors as long as he or she is authorized by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. However, in some cases, your company’s workers’ comp insurance policy has a list of in-network preferred providers.

How can I choose the best workers’ compensation doctor?

As you can see, choosing the right provider is an important decision after a work-related injury. Before making your decision, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • Level of experience with workers’ compensation accidents
  • Familiarity with your type of workplace injury
  • Deep understanding of workers’ compensation claims and the willingness to advocate on your behalf
  • An office that is nearby your home
  • Available appointment times

All in all, finding an experienced workers’ compensation doctor that you can trust is crucial to ensure your car runs smoothly from start to finish. Not only do you want to feel comfortable communicating your situation to your doctor, but you also want to feel confident that they are fully equipped to handle every part of the process.

Experienced Workers’ Compensation Doctors in Brooklyn

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