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What Doctor Should I See After a Car Accident in Brooklyn?

You’ve been in a car accident, and you know you need to visit the doctor. What type of doctor should you see, though? Your primary care provider may not be the right choice for handling car accident injuries. Instead, you need to see medical specialists experienced in treating auto accident injuries.  Learn what doctors you should see after a car accident. Then make the appointments, so you can receive proper diagnosis and begin treatment.

Brooklyn Orthopedist

Your musculoskeletal system can take quite a beating during an auto accident. You might have fractures, torn ligaments, herniated discs, and other painful car accident injuries. Orthopedic doctors are trained to diagnose and treat bone, muscle, joint, and nerve injuries and diseases. Along with diagnosing and treating acute injuries, orthopedists also look for any degenerative diseases that may occur or be aggravated as a result of an automobile accident. These conditions include arthritis, spinal stenosis, bursitis, bulging or herniated disc, and sciatica. By creating an orthopedic treatment plan to heal the immediate injuries while preventing degenerative conditions, you will be much closer to getting back on your feet.

Brooklyn Neurologist

It’s common to suffer spinal cord, brain, and secondary nerve injuries during an auto accident. Neurologists are trained to diagnose and treat these injuries so that you can start down the road to recovery.

You’ll need to visit a neurologist if you have signs of neurological damage such as:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Stiff or sore neck or back muscles
  • Tingling or numbness in your extremities
  • Lack of feeling in your extremities
  • Slurred speech

Neurological symptoms can appear immediately following a car wreck or manifest days or weeks later. You need to visit the neurologist at the first sign of symptoms. The specialist will run tests to diagnose your condition and then create a customized treatment plan to address the injury. Neurological issues are frightening, but when you’re in the hands of a skilled Brooklyn neurologist, you’ll be at ease.

Brooklyn Chiropractor

Chiropractors are an important member of your care team after an auto accident. These specialists treat back pain and neck injuries, including whiplash. Chiropractors can also alleviate pain and stiffness caused by soft tissue injuries. Along with reducing pain and stiffness, the treatments can improve the range of motion and promote healing. You can expect a faster recovery when you undergo chiropractic treatments.

Brooklyn Physical Therapist

You likely won’t see a physical therapist immediately following your auto accident, but the specialist will be part of your care team. After your orthopedist, neurologist, and chiropractor provide treatment, they may refer you to begin physical therapy. This is a critical part of recovering from an accident. Your therapy will consist of exercises and techniques to reduce pain while increasing your strength and range of motion. Your physical therapist will also help you avoid reinjuring the affected area.

Many patients can avoid surgery with the help of a trained physical therapist. If you want to feel better as soon as possible, attend all your physical therapy appointments.

No-Fault Insurance

Besides seeing the right healthcare provider after suffering injuries in an auto accident, it’s also crucial that your medical bills are paid by an appropriate insurance company. Fortunately, New York is a no-fault state, which means that it doesn’t who’s fault it is, your medical care is covered for up to $50,000 by no-fault insurance plan. However, most primary care physicians are not familiar with processing no-fault insurance claims, as they are very different from major medical insurance. Furthermore, your primary care or family doctor, may not be familiar or willing to go to court and testify on our behalf in case the medical bills are not paid, or if you have a personal injury. That is why you need to see a doctor who is not only experienced in treating car accident injuries but is also familiar with no-fault insurance billing and providing expert testimony on your behalf.

Getting Care After an Auto Accident

You have lots of doctors in Brooklyn to see after a car accident. You’re likely imaging running all across New York to go from one doctor’s office to the next. That’s not a pleasant thought, especially since you’re already in pain due to your injuries. Fortunately, you can schedule your appointments in one location. Choose a multi-specialty practice, so you’ll have access to all the providers you need in one convenient Brooklyn location.

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