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What Doctor Should You See After A Workers’ Compensation Injury?

Workplace injuries are extremely common across the United States, and it’s important to seek professional medical attention after succumbing to an injury. One of the most crucial parts of getting proper treatment is knowing what type of specialist to see who is able to treat your specific condition. Oftentimes, after being seen by a primary physician, patients will be sent to a specialist who is experienced with treating similar conditions to what you have. These doctors will then evaluate your pain and will be able to provide effective, fast-acting treatment accordingly. 

Types of Specialists to See After Workplace Injury:

Neurologist in Brooklyn, NY

A neurologist is defined as a doctor who specializes in the brain and nervous system. Typically, people will need to see a neurologist after suffering from a forceful contact injury. Contact injury can occur if a worker gets struck by a moving object or is caught between a collapsing structure or heavy equipment. These types of injuries often happen to workers who work in agriculture, transportation, warehousing, and construction. A few common symptoms from workplace injury such as dizziness, headaches, chronic pain, and numbness usually signify that a worker needs to see a neurologist as soon as possible. The treating doctor can then identify the cause of your discomfort and decide which treatment will be best for recovery. 

Chiropractor in Brooklyn, NY

A chiropractor is a specialist who deals with spine and neck injuries. Spine and neck injuries are common in the workplace after slip and fall accidents, which may cause misalignment in these areas. Slip and fall accidents can occur in just about any workplace environment and may cause symptoms such as a decreased range of motion in your back or neck, tingling, and numbness. Chiropractors will be able to pinpoint the root cause of your pain and provide relief solutions. There are a variety of all-natural treatment practices that chiropractors may use to re-align your spine and neck to their proper positions to immediately reduce pain with no downtime. 

Orthopedist in Brooklyn, NY

Orthopedists are doctors who specialize in bone injuries or abnormalities. There are a number of jobs that require employees to endure heavy lifting or excessive physical activity that puts them at higher risk of succumbing to bone injuries such as breaks, sprains, and fractures. A few common symptoms that may indicate bone injury include severe bruising and swelling, lack of mobility in the area, numbness, and tingling. In any of these instances, an orthopedist would be the best specialist to see to receive proper recovery treatment. Orthopedists practice a variety of treatment methods that will vary from patient to patient depending on the severity of the injury. 

Physical Therapist in Brooklyn, NY

A physical therapist helps injured people improve mobility and manage pain for a variety of injuries. These specialists play a significant role in a patient’s overall recovery by providing preventative care, rehabilitation, and treatments for chronic injury symptoms. No matter what type of workplace injury you may have, physical therapy will be beneficial in getting your body back to normal after trauma. When you first see a physical therapist, they will take the time to learn about your specific injury and evaluate your symptoms, strength, and range of motion in the affected area. Throughout the process, the specialist will be in close communication with you and any other doctors you may be seeing to ensure a successful road to recovery. Depending on your injury, a physical therapist will provide a focused treatment plan along with different movement exercises to regain strength and mobility. 

Metro Healthcare Partners 

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