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Should You See Your Primary Doctor After a Car Accident in Brooklyn?

You need to receive the proper medical care following an automobile accident so that you can heal from your injuries. That begins with going to the right doctor.

Some people choose to visit their primary care doctors following an accident, but that is the wrong choice. You should see an auto accident doctor for a variety of reasons. Find out why you should choose an accident doctor instead of a primary care doctor.

Auto Accident Doctors Specialize in Traumatic Injuries

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you might have suffered one or more traumatic injuries. The symptoms of these injuries might take days or weeks to appear. Primary care providers don’t specialize in traumatic injuries, making it difficult for them to provide proper diagnosis and treatment.

This could delay treatment for your injuries. Waiting weeks or months to receive the right diagnosis might allow your condition to get worse.

Receive Care From Specialists in One Spot With an Auto Accident Doctor

If you go to a primary care provider and he or she realizes that you have a traumatic injury, you’ll be referred to another medical provider. Then that provider might refer you to someone else. You might find yourself going all around New York, attempting to keep all your appointments.

However, if you choose an auto accident doctor, you will have access to all the specialists you need inside the same facility. This makes it much easier to get the care you need.

Auto Accident Doctors Document Injuries

Proper documentation is also necessary following an automobile accident. After an accident, the doctor needs to documents both minor and major injuries in case you need to make an insurance claim. Failure to do so could make it difficult for you to receive compensation from the insurance company.

For example, assume you go to the primary care doctor with significant neck pain and minor knee pain. The doctor documents the neck pain but does not include anything in your file regarding the knee pain. Two months pass, and your knee pain gets worse. You go back to the doctor, and he or she finally document it. The provider turns your file over to a no-fault insurance adjuster, who notices the knee pain wasn’t documented for two months. The adjuster claims that you must have hurt your knee post-accident, so you cannot be compensated for it.

You can avoid this problem by going to an experienced auto accident doctor.

Settling the Bill Is Easier With a Car Accident Doctor

Did you know that some primary care doctors aren’t willing to see car accident victims because they don’t handle bo-fault billing? Fortunately, car accident doctors will treat you and bill the appropriate no-fault insurance company if applicable. That way, you don’t have to worry about money as you recover from your injuries.

Schedule an Appointment With a Car Accident Doctor

Seeing the right doctor is the first step in recovering after an automobile accident. A car accident doctor will properly diagnose your injuries and create a unique treatment plan.  

You can receive treatment from multiple medical specialists, like a neurologist, orthopedists, chiropractor, pain management doctor, all at the same facility, and each doctor will document your injuries. They will also work with the insurance company to receive payment.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, call (718) 769-2521 today to schedule your appointment with top auto accident doctors in Brooklyn so that you can begin the recovery process.  

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