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How Chiropractic Care Can Help After an Auto Accident

Chiropractic Care 

Chiropractic care is a medical treatment provided by trained professionals using, mostly their hands. That’s where the therapy got its name from. The word chiropractic is driven by Greek words, ‘cheir’ and ‘praktikos,’ meaning hand and done. Over the years, this treatment has proven to establish quite a name for itself.

A Chiropractor manipulates the spine and other joints as a means of treatment for different issues. Chiropractic treatment helps people address extreme pain and improve mobility. There are several instances where you can go for chiropractic help, and rest assured that you will benefit from the treatment. One of the most common issues addressed by chiropractors is injuries caused by auto accidents.

Car accidents are common, and over 35,245 casualties took place in 2020 in Brooklyn, NY alone. Considering the extent of accidents, many people need chiropractic care, as it is very effective in addressing pain caused by sudden jerks and collisions. The question here is when exactly you should reach out to a chiropractor after being in an accident. Let us answer that! 

When to Get Chiropractic Care 

Car accidents can be very traumatizing in the long and short run. After being in a horrific accident, it can be difficult to regain a hold of your senses and make sound decisions. The first and foremost thing that you should do is go to the emergency room and address these injuries as quickly as possible. Physicians in the emergency room will examine you thoroughly and see if you need first aid or any emergency treatments.

They might even run tests on you to see if there are any internal injuries. See what the results turn out to be and get the treatment you need. However, it is seldom for people to experience muscular or spinal back pain right after the accident. The pain heightens a few days after the accident as by then, the muscles get inflamed, which brings immense pain.

When you experience this type of pain, you should rush to the chiropractor for auto accidents. They will help you get rid of your pain eventually. It is best if you consider chiropractic treatment as a supplement to other treatments so that you get the best results.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help After An Auto Accident? 

After a car accident, chiropractor treatment may include bringing your spine and neck back in alignment. Car accidents can cause severe subluxations, and one must cater to them on time. While you are in a car accident, you might face a great deal of force when the seat belt holds you back, and the jerk pushes you forward. This extreme force jolts all the joints in your body and that can result in the misalignment of your spine. You can also end up with torn muscles and damaged tissue. These tissues can swell up and cause extreme levels of pain. The inflammation is usually due to a lack of blood flow caused by the swelling.

If you wish to remove the subluxations, you must reach out to a chiropractor and let them fix the alignment for you. Once you select the alignment, the swelling goes down, and the blood flow improves. That helps ease the pain, after which you can start self-healing.

Car accidents can cause back pain in multiple ways:


Your neck is often whiplashed with a sudden impact during the accident, resulting in the jerk that goes down to your spine. This can cause a great deal of back pain. You do not just hurt your back, but you also face problems with your shoulders. 

Herniated Disc

Intervertebral discs are susceptible and crucial for your movement. They are the cushiony support between the bones of your spine and absorb the shock and prevent your spine from getting damaged. It is prevalent for these discs to move from their position when in an accident. This can be extremely painful and dangerous as it can progress into a debilitating problem.

Ligament Induced Pain 

Our back contains some of the strongest muscles, but they can give out when you are in a severe accident. This is a big reason for the extreme pain that survivors of auto accidents face.

Chiropractors can address all this and more. Just make sure that you come to the right experts for help, such as the chiropractors at Metro Healthcare Partners.

Chiropractors can help you reap many benefits from their treatment. Here are the benefits you get when you take help from a car accident chiropractor

Benefits of Taking Auto Accident Chiropractor Help 

Helps Recover From Whiplash

Whiplash can be quite a bother as there is no telling where the pain is originating from. It can either be from the neck region, or it can be arising from the shoulders up. The effects are also challenging to bear. For instance, you might experience loss of vision or blinding headaches. If you come to a chiropractor to address this, you might be able to fix the symptoms in the longer run.

Helps Identify Hidden Injuries and Treats Them

You might have acquired several injuries from the car accident, and you must get them identified as soon as possible. While some injuries appear immediately, some develop within a few days. These hidden injuries can pose a significant threat as they only become visible when the pain gets too extreme.

If you rush to a chiropractor soon enough, they will be able to identify all your hidden problems and help you get relief.

Eradicates Pain Completely 

After people have been in an accident, they are most likely to experience the after-effects for an extended period if they do not get chiropractic treatment. While other therapies fix the symptoms of the issue, chiropractors look for the main problem and address that. They work on your body and make sure that you can restore your movements. They may give you additional exercises to make sure that your treatment works fine.

Removes Scar Tissue 

Since the impacts of accidents are extreme, your body faces the aftermath, which includes scar tissue. The muscles and ligaments are damaged severely, and then the scar is easily visible on the skin. With chiropractic treatment, you do not have to worry about the wounds, as they quickly fade away, allowing patients to move.


Surgery is not only invasive but has many other downsides. It can cause you a great deal of stress and even push you to the brink of bankruptcy. It also takes a lot of time to recover from invasive injuries that can further add to your misery. Doctors usually suggest high-risk surgeries to help you fix issues that can be easily fixed with the help of chiropractors. Doctors may give you medicines to help you with the recovery and even during the surgery.

Instead of getting involved in the hassle of surgery, it would be best to get help from chiropractors as they can help you get enhanced results without wasting money, time, and even risking your life.

No Medication Needed 

Though medicines are suitable for your recovery and fixing medical ailments, they are not the best for your health. Many people avoid medication whenever they possibly can, which is a great idea. However, since treatment is essential, you can receive your post-accident therapy from a chiropractor. They do not rely on medicines to help you heal or subside the pain. Instead, they solve the problem at the root.

Helps Get Insurance 

Claiming insurance is very important, as it will help you pay for the treatment you need. If you rush to a chiropractor as soon as possible after your accident, you might be able to link your symptoms to your accident. You might also be able to get your hidden injuries identified in time. The more time you spend not going to the chiropractor, the lesser your chance of claiming your insurance. 

Improves Mobility 

Even simple cramps can result in immobility. If you want to make sure that you are not restricted to your bed, it is good to get help from a chiropractor. They will be able to help you get back to your feet within a few sessions.

What Injuries Can Your Chiropractor Address? 

Chiropractors are magicians with no wands. They use their hands to fix several problems such as:

Headaches- There can be several reasons why you might have headaches post-accident. You must get it addressed by an experienced chiropractor so that they can identify its cause. 

Blurred Vision & Dizziness– The most prominent cause of blurred vision can be whiplash. It can be challenging to get that dealt with, so getting the help of a chiropractor would be a good idea.

Neck & Shoulder Pain -During the accident you might have pulled a muscle or two that could have caused your neck and shoulder pain. There may also be other reasons that a chiropractor should explore to give you pain relief. 

Lower & Upper Back Pain– This is the most troublesome area for injuries from car accidents. Most patients complain of back pain when they come to the ER. Chiropractors have the skills to help ease back pains of all magnitudes. 

Hip Pain– Having a dislocated hip is not something you can deal with by yourself, but with the help of a chiropractor, you can get that addressed without any reservations.

Knee & Leg Pain – Leg and knee pain usually originates from the lower back. A good chiropractor will be able to address your injuries holistically and that will aid you in getting pain relief all over.

Numbness– If you damage a nerve, or if the fluid from your spine is damaging the nerves around it, you may experience numbness. A chiropractor can help you fix that. 

Sciatica -The sciatica nerve can cause pain all over your body. Getting it addressed by a chiropractor will benefit you greatly. 

What Is The Process Of Getting Chiropractic Help? 

You cannot just go to a chiropractic clinic and expect them to provide you the treatment right away. There is a proper step-by-step process that you need to follow, too, to get result-driven chiropractic assistance. If you have been in a car accident, chiropractor assistance should help you get back on your feet only if you follow this process:


Evaluation is the first step when you walk into a chiropractic clinic. That begins with taking the complete medical history of the patient. This helps the chiropractor understand if you have any underlying conditions and keep them in mind when providing treatment. After you complete the paperwork, they will ask you to come in for the evaluation.

This is when the physical evaluation will begin. They might ask you to get x-rays to visualize appropriately if there are any problems with your bones. They will also check for your range of motion to see what movement causes the most pain. This physical evaluation helps ensure that you get the best treatment plan possible.

Treatment Plan 

After the chiropractor has gathered all facts, they will design a treatment plan for you. The program will include the exact adjustments you need. The intensity and frequency of the treatments will be decided in your treatment plan, along with any supplements that you should take to improve the healing process.

Do not expect your chiropractic treatment to be a one-off thing. You will have to attend different sessions to get full and comprehensive benefits from the treatment.


Once the treatment plan is set in place, you must follow through with it. Sure, it may take multiple weeks or a few sessions, depending on the intensity of your injuries. The treatment starts with manipulating your spine to ensure that your subluxations get fixed. That, in turn, decreases the inflammation and heals the tissues around it. The frequency of treatment can change with time, as the chiropractor will examine how you respond to the treatment and what needs to be changed to improve results. 

After Treatment Care 

Getting chiropractic treatment is not the end. You need to make sure you keep up with the maintenance, which might include different exercises that your chiropractor suggests to keep your body as healthy as possible.

Where to Get the Best Chiropractic Help 

Now that you understand the importance of chiropractic treatment, you must search for an excellent team of professionals. Metro Healthcare Partners is the best bet for you if you are in Brooklyn. They have trained chiropractors in Brooklyn, NY who do wonders with their skillful hands. Their chiropractic treatment involves manual techniques that help them relieve stress from your vertebral column and the curves of your spine.

Reach out to us and schedule an appointment with Metro Healthcare Partners right away. Their service will help you get over the physical trauma from the accident and help you get back to your life in the best way you can. 

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