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How Long Does an MRI Take?

Before you can begin treatment for a work-place or a car accident injury, you need to receive a proper diagnosis.

Often, that means you need to get a Magnetic Resonance Imagining scan or an MRI. MRIs allow doctors to diagnose injuries so that you can start a treatment plan.

If this is your first MRI or if it’s been a while since you’ve had one, you probably have some questions, starting with “How long does an MRI take?”

Find out how long it takes to get an MRI scan, along with the steps you’ll go through to get the test.

Length of an MRI scan

The length of the MRI depends on the type of exam you need. However, most Open MRIs are conducted within 15–20 minutes. Some do take a bit longer, but that’s not common with auto accident and workers’ comp injuries.

The MRI technician will tell you exactly how long your MRI takes before it begins.

How to Prepare for an Open MRI

Your doctor will provide some instructions for you before you undergo an Open MRI. The instructions will depend on the body part that’s being scanned. Regardless, you will be asked to remove all metal before getting the MRI scan.

You should also wear comfortable clothing without zippers. Other instructions might include removing dentures if you’re getting an MRI of your head.

The Exam

When you arrive on exam day, you might be asked to change into a gown. Again, this depends on the type of MRI you are receiving. Once you are ready, you will go into a room with the MRI machine. If your doctor ordered an MRI with contrast, a nurse would place an IV line in your arm to deliver the dye.

You will receive earplugs to muffle the sounds that come from the MRI machine. Then, you will lie on a table and the technician will move it in place so that you can begin the MRI scan.

The MRI technician will ask you to lie very still during the exam. Movement can affect the images, making it hard to diagnose your condition.

You also might need to hold your breath in intervals during the scan. The technician will deliver instructions over a speaker that you can easily hear with your earplugs in. Simply follow the instructions throughout the scan.

MRI scans are typically conducted in phases. For instance, you might undergo three different phases of six minutes each. You’ll notice different sounds during each phase.

Getting the Results

A radiologist will examine and interpret your results. Then, he or she will send them to your doctor. You will go back to the doctor, who will go over your results with you and determine a treatment plan.

Do You Need an MRI?

If you’ve been injured at work or in an accident, you likely need an MRI.

First, you need to visit an experienced Brooklyn accident doctor, typically a board-certified neurologist, so he or she can order the scan.

Start by contacting a Brooklyn medical clinic that specializes in workers’ compensation and auto accident injuries. Your doctor will examine you, order the necessary tests, and help you through the recovery process.

Don’t delay call (718) 769-2521 today and get on your way to recovery! Same-day appointments may be available.

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