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What Is a Spinal Myospasm After An Accident?

Car and work accidents cause a variety of painful injuries, including spinal myospasms. A spinal myospasm, or muscle spasm, occurs when a muscle or group of muscles involuntarily contract, causing a great deal of pain.

You might feel fine one minute, and then, your back muscles will seize, and you will have difficulty moving. If you think you suffer from spinal myospasms, visit a top Brooklyn medical clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

What Causes Spinal Myospasms?

Spinal myospasms can occur when you injure your back muscles or the surrounding structures. Common injuries to the back muscles include overuse injuries from bending and lifting or trauma from a collision or fall. Myopspasms frequently occurs as a result of a work-related injury or an auto accident.

Spinal myospasms that occur from injuries to the surrounding structures are more complex. You could end up with spinal myospasms after tearing ligaments, getting a herniated disc, or even developing a tumor. Your body wants to prevent the injured area from moving, so it can heal. This can lead to painful muscle spasms in your back.

Symptoms of Spinal Myospasms

Do you have back pain, but you are not sure if you suffer from spinal myospasms? This injury has some distinct symptoms, the most common of which is sudden pain. The pain is often excruciating and makes it difficult or even impossible to move.

When the pain appears, you might be instantly immobile, or you may be able to continue moving for a few hours. However, you’ll eventually notice a significant reduction in mobility.

It’s hard to find relief when these spasms begin, but you should feel somewhat better if you lie down, arch your spine, and curl your knees. This takes some pressure off the affected muscles, reducing the symptoms. However, once you get back up, your symptoms will likely reappear.

Treating Spinal Myospasms

Your physician will treat the cause of your spasms. Once you receive a proper diagnosis, your medical provider will create a customized treatment plan for you.

Often, spinal myospasms are caused by tight muscles and joints. When that’s the case, your provider will use exercises and mobilization therapy to alleviate the spasms.

Overstretching injuries are also a common cause of these spasms. Gentle exercises, heat, and ice will get you back to normal.

If you suffer from spasms due to a disc disorder, your physician will create a treatment plan to remove the pressure on the disc. This can include physical therapy exercises to strengthen your back along with manual manipulation or traction to reduce the stress on the disc.

While not as common, your spasms might be caused by a neurological disorder. If this is the case, you will need to see an experienced Brooklyn neurologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Make an Appointment to Address Your Spasms

Spinal myospasms quickly reduce your quality of life. They are incredibly painful, and when the spasms finally stop, you live in fear of them coming back. Unfortunately, unless you treat the problem, they will likely continue to occur, and they might get worse.

Visit a top Brooklyn medical clinic for diagnosis and treatment to alleviate your pain and increase your mobility. We accept most insurance plans including no-fault, workers’ compensation and medical liens. Same-day appointments may be available. Call (718) 769-2521 today to make your appointment and get on the road to recovery.