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How Long Does It Take for a Knee Injury to Heal?

Knee injuries are responsible for more than 10 million doctor visits per year.

With such a complex system, a knee has so many parts that can be easily injured. Athletes are at a heightened risk of a knee injury. Any adult partaking in an intense exercise routine is also at a higher risk of injuring their knee.

Knee injuries are also common following an auto accident.

All it takes is twisting, jumping, or bending the wrong way to cause a knee injury.

Lots of our patients are asking, “How long does a knee injury take to heal?” To learn more about the most common types of knee injuries and their healing times, keep reading!

How Long Will It Take for Your Knee Injury to Heal?

The healing time for your knee injury is going to depend on the injury itself.

Some injuries require surgery to recover, while others only require some rest and at-home treatment.

Here are some common knee injuries with their average healing times.

1. Torn Meniscus

If you’ve torn your meniscus, you may not notice intense pain at first.

For many people, when they tear their meniscus, they feel a tear and experience pain for a short period of time. After the initial injury, the knee may feel normal for a while, with occasional discomfort.

Unfortunately, although a meniscal tear may not cause excruciating pain, surgery is typically required to heal it. Without surgery, the tear may worsen, leading to immobility as you age.

A meniscal tear surgery is a fairly simple procedure. A small incision is created on the knee. After about a week, the patient can walk with crutches. Within around two weeks, the patient can put light pressure on it and begin to walk.

It will probably take 1-2 months before the patient can resume normal physical activity.

2. Sprain

A sprained knee is a much milder injury than a meniscal tear.

A sprain is when the soft tissue surrounding the knee is damaged. This can happen from overexertion. Jumping, exercising, or bending the wrong way can cause a knee sprain.

Most knee sprains don’t require surgery. The use of ice, heat, rest, and stretches can usually be enough for the sprained knee to heal. 

A sprained knee usually takes around 2-4 weeks to heal if surgery isn’t required.

3. ACL Tear

The ACL, or the anterior cruciate ligament, can be torn when you move suddenly, twisting the ligament.

Torn ACLs often require surgery to heal. Also, physical therapy may be needed to begin using the knee again.

An ACL tear is characterized by a “pop” in the knee when moving suddenly. You may also notice swelling, as well as a loss of motion in the knee.

A standard ACL tear surgery will take around 7-9 months to heal from. Much of this time means staying off the knee and resting. The rest requires physical therapy.

Are You Suffering from a Knee Injury?

Knee injuries are no laughing matter.

A knee injury can completely change your life and require a long healing time. Even minor injuries can become serious injuries if left untreated!

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