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How to Treat a Pinched Nerve After an Auto Accident

Pinched nerves are common after auto accidents. You can end up with a pinched nerve due to a herniated disc, whiplash, or other injuries caused by accident. While common, the symptoms of a pinched nerve can be debilitating. Symptoms like numbness, pain, and weakness make it challenging to engage in healthy activities. Fortunately, you can seek medical treatment to alleviate symptoms and get your life back.

Learn more about treatment for a pinched nerve after an auto accident.

Rest, Immobilization, and Medication

After a pinched nerve is diagnosed, your doctor will likely recommend conservative treatments, such as over-the-counter medications, rest, and immobilization, to treat the problem and alleviate the symptoms. Immobilization is especially important during sleep when you are more apt to move the body part in a way that irritates the nerve.

Physical Therapy

If your pinched nerve doesn’t respond to rest, immobilization, and medication, you can begin physical therapy. Your physical therapist will teach you exercises that will relieve the pressure on the nerve. These exercises will also strengthen the muscles. You will do the exercises under the care of the physical therapist in the office and also have some exercises to do at home. Along with exercises, the physical therapist can provide therapies to reduce inflammation and pain. You should notice reduced pain and increased range of motion after you begin physical therapy.

Corticosteroid Injections

If you’re still in a lot of pain, your doctor can provide corticosteroid injections. These injections are sometimes provided before physical therapy to make it easier to do the exercises. Corticosteroid injections reduce pain and inflammation, thus restoring the range of motion. The injections last for several months. By the time the injection wears off, most people are healed and no longer require treatment.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors can also treat pinched nerves and are an important part of your post-accident care team. Chiropractors offer spinal adjustments to take the pressure off the nerve. They can combine adjustments with other treatments, such as exercises and stretching. You should feel better after each treatment until you are finally free of symptoms.


Surgery typically isn’t needed to treat a pinched nerve after an auto accident. However, if you’re still in pain for six weeks, it might be the best option. There are different surgical options, and your surgeon will choose one based on the location of the pinched nerve. The surgery takes the pressure off the nerve, so you no longer have the symptoms. Your doctor will help you determine if surgery is the right option or if you should continue with conservative treatments.

Seek Help from a Top Brooklyn Medical Clinic

Dealing with a pinched nerve after an auto accident can feel overwhelming. You are in pain ad you want relief as fast as possible. Your road to relief begins at a Brooklyn multi-specialty medical practice that specializes in post-accident care. You can get everything you need in one place, so it won’t be long before you are free of the symptoms of a pinched nerve.

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