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accident No fault insurance

What is No Fault insurance?

No-Fault insurance can help cover your medical expenses and costs associated with doctor’s visits and treatments in the event of an accident, typically a car accident, regardless of who is found at fault.


What type of doctors and medical coverage are typically covered?

No-fault insurance covers many types of doctors and treatments, such as chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedists, and neurologists. It includes MRIs, x-rays and pain management treatments, and other treatments as well.  Metro Healthcare Partners is a multidisciplinary practice so finding the right doctor and treatment solution for you could not be any easier.

The complexity in paperwork and procedures may be difficult at times to navigate. However, the Metro Healthcare Partners’ staff understands what is involved and will make the process very easy and have it run smoothly. We are here to help each patient and their unique situation. We take the worry when you choose Metro Healthcare Partners.

Why seek a no-fault doctor after an automobile accident?

Whiplash after a Car Accident in Brooklyn, NY

A no-fault doctor and associated practice is well equipped to handle the nuances of a no-fault claim. Metro Healthcare Partners know the inner workings of the process and our goal is to make your experience simple so you can focus on getting healthy.

At Metro Healthcare Partners, we make sure that the no-fault doctors and medical staff focus on treating you.  And our billing department focuses on dealing with bills and your insurance company.   This way you don’t have to worry about the cost of your treatment and concentrate on healing instead. Any billing issues are handled by our office directly with the automobile insurance company.
And no upfront payment is required.

What types of injuries can a no-fault physician treat?

If you are in a car accident in Brooklyn, Metro Healthcare Partners’ team can treat many issues.  They include everything from

When should you contact a doctor’s office?

We recommend you contact Metro Healthcare Partners to schedule an appointment or examination immediately after a car accident.  Very often medical issues don’t arise or become evident until later.  We also want to be sure that the no-fault insurance will cover your accident and pay promptly.

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