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Three Types of Therapy You May Need After a Car Accident Injury

Car accidents may happen anytime and can lead to several types of injuries. The injuries can be minor or severe, even in minor motor vehicle accidents. In many cases, the first treatment people get after an accident is not always enough to offer proper healing. Many people require therapy after getting involved in a car accident.

New York City car accidents can cause injuries in any part of your body. Your therapy depends on your injuries, medical history, age, severity, and other factors. There are many types of therapies that New York car accident victims can undergo after being involved in auto accidents, but some are more common compared to others. Here are the common ones:

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment has two groups: modalities and manipulations. Manipulation is the act of popping a patient’s joints to relieve them of gas. It also helps minimize pain and restore mobility because a patient’s joints can move more freely when therapists relax their muscles. Modalities that help to adjust the joints include mobilization of soft tissue injuries, spinal traction, heat, electric nerve stimulation, and ultrasound. The chiropractor can also offer you home exercises and lifestyle changes that will enhance your whole chiropractic experience.

Chiropractic care helps your body regain the optimal spinal alignment commonly lost in traumatic incidents such as auto accidents. Chiropractors use a procedure called spinal manipulation and adjustment. The method uses a controlled force to re-adjust vertebrae and prevents them from putting pressure on your spinal nerves.

Spinal manipulations can help you feel better after undergoing one treatment, but other accident victims may require several treatments to get the desired effect.

Neurological Physical Therapy

Auto-accident victims in New York may have some neurological damage, and their medical providers can recommend neurological therapy. Nerve damage causes tingling, numbness, and weakness, requiring neurological treatment. Shoulder or neck nerve irritation can cause numbness in your fingers.

Most car accident victims go through neurological therapy if they have a traumatic brain injury. If you get involved in a car accident, your head can move side to side or forward and backward very fast, which can cause a concussion or any other brain implications. Treatment is paramount because this can lead to serious side effects.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on increasing flexibility, bringing back a person’s function and strength, and enhancing the range of motion. Our experts at Metro Healthcare Partners will recommend physical therapy when you suffer from; spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, inflammation of the nerves, soft tissue damage, or a fractured or broken bone.

Whiplash is a common injury that is mostly sustained in car accidents. Headaches, dizziness, neck and shoulder pain, and decreased neck range of motion are symptoms. Physical therapy is highly effective for vehicle accident victims in New York who suffer from whiplash.

Metro Healthcare Partners’ treatment involves:

  • Tests to look out for any neurological issues
  • Eye control and balance rehabilitation
  • Exercises and stretches to lower pain, bring back the range of motion and improve posture.

Physical therapy varies depending on the kind of injury a victim suffers. Doctors use a combination of strengthening exercises and hands-on stretching. Therapists work together with people suffering from car accident injuries to create tailored exercises to assist them in regaining flexibility and muscle strength. A physical therapist will show auto-accident exercises and offer them some exercises to do at home.

Why Is Auto Accident Injury Treatment Vital?

Most of the injuries that result from a car crash might not be obvious. Most victims think they are fine and fail to seek medical attention and file for car accident claims, especially if they do not have scrapes, cuts, broken bones, and bruises. Going for an evaluation for your car accident injuries after getting involved in a car accident in New York is vital. Due to adrenaline, whiplash and other spinal injuries may not initially hurt. Internal injuries and bleeding symptoms that are mild and subtle may be difficult to dismiss.

The best thing to do is to call your medical provider immediately after a motor vehicle accident in New York and a New York car accident lawyer to make arrangements for your claims and make an appointment. After the exam, watch for any side effects in the days and weeks following the car accident.

Motor vehicle accidents in New York City can result in serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, or sometimes they can cause the death of the victim. That is why you need to contact a New York car accident attorney to follow up on your case with the insurance company concerned. A victim may have long-term effects like limited mobility and mental and emotional injuries even after receiving the first treatment.

Do You Want to Learn More About the Types of Therapies You Need After a Car Accident Injury? Welcome to Metro Healthcare Partners!

At Metro Healthcare Partners, we provide several neurological and physical therapy solutions. We improve the healing process and reinforce tissues in the whole musculoskeletal system. If you suffer from car accident injuries, visit us today. We offer many services: Neurology, Orthopedics, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Shockwave Therapy.

Our therapies will help auto-accident victims learn how to manage the injury that impacts their lives. The therapists at Metro Healthcare Partners will help you to restore the lost skills as a result of the auto accident, manage your daily needs, go back to work, and enjoy a quality of life.

We accept most insurance plans, including no-fault insurance and workers’ compensation. Visit us at 3500 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11229, for more information, or call us at (718) 874-1204 to schedule an appointment today.