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Who Pays for Physical Therapy After a Car Accident?

Physical therapy is often an important part of a treatment plan after a car accident. Physical therapists help with pain management, improve range of motion, and so much more. You can even heal faster when you go to physical therapy. There’s a question that’s been on your mind, though.

How will you pay for it? In New York, no-fault insurance covers physical therapy after an automobile accident. Learn more about no-fault coverage and how you can use it to pay for physical therapy.

How to Use No-fault Insurance

You must make a claim with the insurance company before using no-fault insurance to pay your medical bills. You have up to 30 days from the date of the accident to file a claim. If you are the driver of the vehicle, you’ll file the claim with your no-fault insurance company.

If you’re a passenger, you’ll file it with the driver’s company. You’ll also file with the driver’s company if you were a pedestrian when the accident occurred.

You will receive a claim number that you will use to pay your medical bills, including physical therapy bills. You don’t have to get a new number each time you see a new specialist. Instead, just use that same claim number each time you get service.

Paying the Physical Therapy Bills

Your Brooklyn physical therapist will use the claim number to bill the insurance company directly. That means you won’t have to worry about getting reimbursed for the bills. If you go to physical therapy before you receive a claim number, just contact the facility when you get your bill.

Provide the claim number, and then the billing department will send the bill to the appropriate party. You do not have to worry about paying out of your own pocket. This takes the stress off your shoulders. When you don’t have to worry about billing, you can focus on doing your exercises and recovering from your injuries.

What If Your Bills Exceed the Basic No-fault Coverage

Basic no-fault coverage in New York is $50,000. That means that the insurance company will pay up to $50,000. You could exceed that amount if you need physical therapy and other services. At this point, you’re likely seriously injured. You can sue the other driver to get compensated. Then, you can use that to cover your medical bills.

You also have the option of purchasing additional personal protection insurance or having your regular health insurance plan pay the bills. With several options, you should not have trouble paying for physical therapy.

Let the Physical Therapist Handle the Billing for You

There’s no reason to delay treatment if you’ve been injured in a car accident. Get evaluated at our Brooklyn multi-specialty medical clinic immediately. Your no-fault insurance coverage will ensure that you get the treatment you need without worrying about bills.

Get your no-fault claim number and then give it to the physical therapist. Your physical therapist will handle the paperwork while you undergo the treatment plan. Then, you can begin getting better with each visit.  

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