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How to Prevent Injuries at Work: 8 Safety Tips You Can Use

A worker is injured on the job every seven seconds, according to the National Safety Council. Understanding how to prevent injuries at work is critical if you want to stay healthy. Get some tips, so you can avoid suffering an injury at your workplace in Brooklyn, NY.

1. Lift Objects Properly

Many people suffer from overexertion injuries caused by lifting heavy objects. Fortunately, this is an easy injury to prevent. Don’t bend, reach, or twist when lifting or lowering an object. You also need to take frequent breaks. A short five-minute break will give your body time to rest, so it will be ready to resume lifting. Take short breaks every one to two hours for the best results.

2. Keep Your Workplace Clean

Poor housekeeping can lead to serious injuries on the job. Employees commonly slip, trip, and fall over items that aren’t in their proper places. Keep your work area clean and be mindful of your surroundings to avoid trips and falls. Your employer should also use signs to alert of potential hazards at the workplace.

3. Wear the Right Equipment

People also get injured when they come into contact with equipment and objects. These injuries can be avoided by wearing personal protective equipment. Also, people should be aware of the equipment in the area to avoid an injury.  

4. Have an Ergonomic Workstation

You can injure yourself at your desk if you don’t have an ergonomic workstation. This includes a chair at the right height and the proper placement for your keyboard and computer. If you aren’t sure how to set up an ergonomic workstation, your employer can help.

5. Stay Up-to-date on Training

If your employer offers training, go to the sessions and pay attention. Proper training helps prevent common workplace injuries. Your employer will explain safety protocols during training, so you will know how to stay injury-free when you’re at work.

7. Get Enough Sleep

Did you know that what you do at home can impact your health at work? If you’re overly tired at work, you’re more prone to cut corners and get injured. Get enough sleep each night, so you’re well-rested and able to follow safety protocols. Also, when you’re well-rested, it’s much easier to identify potential hazards.

8. Rehabilitate Existing Injuries

You can prevent future work-related injuries at work by properly rehabilitating current injuries. For example, if you sprain your ankle at work and let it heal on its own, you’re likely to sprain it again. However, if you properly rehabilitate the ankle, you’ll strengthen the muscles around the injury, making you less likely to injure it in the future. A workers’ comp physical therapist can help with this.

Get Help for Workplace Injuries

No matter how careful you are, you could end up with a workplace injury at some point in your career. While it’s frustrating, you can alleviate much of the stress by visiting a Brooklyn workers’ compensation clinic that handles workplace injuries. Our multi-specialty medical clinic, located at 3500 Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, NY will help you heal from the injury and strengthen the injured area, so you’re less likely to get hurt again.

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