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How Long Does a Slipped Disc Take to Heal?

If you have a slipped disc, there’s one thing on your mind. You want to get better, so you can go back to your healthy life. Slipped discs typically heal in four to six weeks, although it can take more or less time depending on the severity of the injury. Also, the treatment protocol you use can impact the recovery time.

Slipped, or herniated disc, are common occurrences as a result of a car accident or work-related injuries. Learn what you need to do when recovering from a slipped disc to speed up the treatment time while managing your symptoms.

Ice and Rest the Injury

Ice and rest are both powerful tools when recovering from a slipped disc. Placing ice on the injury will reduce inflammation, reducing the pain. Resting will give it time to heal. When you rest, your body doesn’t put as much pressure on your spinal disc, so you will start to get better.

If your pain is significant, bedrest might be the right option, but don’t stay in bed for longer than 48 hours. This can make the muscles around the disc weaken and could make your symptoms worse.


If you have a slipped disc, you can take medications to alleviate the discomfort. Over-the-counter pain relievers will do the trick if your pain is mild.

However, if you are experiencing significant pain, your doctor might recommend corticosteroid injections. The injections are part of a pain management protocol and can helo will reduce the pain and inflammation so that you will feel better quickly. Also, you might need to take muscle relaxers if muscle spasms accompany your slipped disc. This is quite common when recovering from a slipped disc.

Move Carefully

Be mindful of your movements when recovering from a slipped disc. The wrong movement can be painful and can even delay healing. Don’t engage in repetitive motions when healing and use proper posture at all times.

Also, take special care when standing or sitting. Even the slightest dip, twist, or turn can aggravate your slipped disc, so move with caution.

Consider Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can accelerate the healing process and help you avoid herniating your disc again. Your therapist will teach you exercises that you can do at home to reduce the pain and improve your mobility.

Also, your physical therapist might use additional modalities, such as electrical stimulation, to manage your symptoms.


Most people don’t need surgery after suffering from a slipped disc. However, if your injury is severe and won’t heal on its own, this might be necessary.

To be a candidate for orthopedic surgery, you must have had the pain from the slipped disc for at least six weeks. The pain should be affecting your quality of life to a significant degree, as well.

Get Treatment for a Slipped Disc

If you have a slipped disc, get evaluated at a Brooklyn multi-specialty medical clinic. Find out if you need physical therapy, pain management or orthopedic surgery to help you recover from the disc. We accept most insurance plans including workers’ compensation and no-fault insurance.

Also, if the pain is severe and won’t go away, you can get an evaluation to see if you’re the right candidate for surgery.

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