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When Should You Go to the Doctor for Whiplash?

It doesn’t take much force to get whiplash. You can end up with this condition, even if you’re only driving five mph when you’re in an accident. Because it doesn’t take much force, whiplash is a common injury. Some cases respond to at-home care, but you might need to go to a doctor. Look at the signs that indicate it’s time to see a doctor for your whiplash injury.

You Feel Pain Immediately

If you have pain right after an accident, you should visit the doctor. That includes whiplash pain. Pain could indicate that something more serious is wrong, so you don’t want to delay. Also, your doctor can help you manage the pain. Then, you won’t have to suffer as you get closer to recovering from your injury.

You Have Some Additional Symptoms

You expect head and neck pain with whiplash. However, sometimes, the normal symptoms are accompanied by other issues, including arm pain, jaw discomfort, and fatigue. Visual disturbances can also accompany whiplash. While these symptoms could just indicate a severe case of whiplash, you need to undergo a thorough examination to be sure. Along with determining if you have any other injuries, your doctor can also help you manage your symptoms.

You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

Getting injured can take a toll on your mental health. It’s not unusual for people to feel anxious or depressed after suffering from whiplash after a traffic accident. Your mental health might have taken a hit right after the accident, and then it could continue to get worse as you struggle to recover. You should never ignore your mental health. If you don’t feel like yourself, it’s time to get help. You can begin by visiting your doctor.

Your doctor can evaluate you and treat your physical symptoms. You should also visit a mental health provider. You might need to undergo talk therapy or take medication while you get through this traumatic time in your life.

The Pain Increases

Does it seem like your injury is getting worse instead of better? Maybe you are in more pain, or your range of motion is worse. That’s a sign that you need to see a doctor for whiplash. Often, symptoms worsen because you have an injury that hasn’t been diagnosed. You don’t want to take the chance of ignoring this problem.

You Don’t Hit the Benchmarks for Recovery

There are benchmarks in place that help you determine if you’re on track to recover. You should start feeling better after a few days. Typically by three to four months, your symptoms should be gone. If you aren’t on track, you need to visit the doctor.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact the Doctor

If you don’t feel like you’re progressing as you should or if your symptoms are too much to bear, don’t hesitate to visit the doctor. Your doctor can create a treatment plan to lessen the symptoms. You can also learn more about the severity of your injury and how long you can expect to live with the symptoms.

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