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When Should I See an Orthopedist?

Did you know that 20–33 percent of people around the world suffer from painful musculoskeletal conditions? These people would benefit from seeing an orthopedist. It’s easy to look at statistics and determine who should go to an orthopedist, but it’s more difficult to look at your own symptoms and decide you should go.

Find out when you should see an orthopedist and schedule an appointment if necessary.

Chronic Pain in Your Joints or Bones

If you’ve experienced pain in your bones or joints for more than 12 weeks, you have chronic pain. Chronic pain interferes with your daily life and tasks. You might not even be able to work. If you suffer from chronic pain, it’s time to see an orthopedist. Once your orthopedic doctor diagnoses the source of the pain, you can begin treatment.

Limited Range of Motion

Have you noticed that your range of motion is becoming increasingly limited? Your joints feel tight, and motions that used to be smooth are now difficult. You might have arthritis or another joint disease, so it’s time to reach out to an orthopedist for diagnosis and treatment. This problem can get much worse if you don’t address it, so don’t delay.

Instability When Walking

While it’s normal to feel a little unstable when walking on uneven ground, you should normally feel in control when walking and standing. If you feel increasingly unstable, you could have a problem with your joints. You need to seek medical care before you fall and injure yourself.

Soft Tissue Injury That Won’t Improve

Soft tissue injuries generally respond to rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE). If you follow the RICE protocol, you should notice an improvement within 48 hours. However, sometimes the pain and swelling stay the same or get worse. If your soft tissue injury hasn’t improved in 48 hours, contact an orthopedist for an evaluation.

It’s Hard to Perform Daily Activities

If you have trouble performing daily activities due to pain, stiffness, or discomfort, you need to visit an orthopedist. Your symptoms could get worse instead of better if you continue to sit on the sidelines, waiting for improvement. By starting a treatment plan now, your musculoskeletal injury can begin to heal. Then, you can resume normal activities.

Numbness or Tingling

If you notice numbness or tingling, you could have a nerve problem, such as a carpal tunnel or cubital tunnel syndrome. Upon diagnosis, your orthopedist can recommend a treatment protocol that might include wearing a brace and making accommodations at your workplace. If you do require surgery, your doctor can refer you to an orthopedic surgeon.

Don’t Wait to Seek Medical Care

More than 57 million American adults spent an average of nine days in bed due to musculoskeletal injuries in 2012. Just imagine if they had visited the orthopedist instead of suffering. They could have gotten back on their feet much sooner.

If you find yourself suffering from pain, stiffness, instability, or another issue, don’t waste away in bed. Instead, call (718) 769-2521 to schedule an appointment with an experienced orthopedist near you.

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